BITUMEN EMULSIN SPRAYER Equipment bitumen sprayer equipment

BITUMEN EMULSIN SPRAYER EQUIPMENT Dear friends! I would like to share some good news with you! Our engineers have just developed and constructed a new mobile bitumen sprayer for road construction. This sprayer has been successfully tested and put into production!

bitumen sprayer equipment SPRAYER OF BITUMEN EMULSIN RBEM-2.5

  TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION This sprayer unit is designed to diffuse hot bitumen emulsion for road construction work. The process of bitumen emulsion spraying is achieved by means of hydraulic pump, the tank for bitumen emulsion storage which can be heated due to burner.
Mobile sprayer of bitumen emulsion bitumen sprayer equipment bitumen equipment for sale

Bitumen equipment for sale. Bitumen sprayer equipment

  • Road surfacing
  • For road patching
  • Sealing of cracks
  • Asphalt construction work
DRAWING Drawing of sprayer 1- Lifting ear 2- Rod 3- Lever 4-Motor cover 5-Fish-rod 6-Sprayer 8- Kea pad 9- Drain cork FUNCTIN OF PUMPING UNIT 1. Tank filling. 2. Injection of emulsion on the nozzle. 3. Recycling of asphalt emulsion. 4. System flushing.