Bitumen Emulsion Equipment

USB-2 Bitumen emulsion unit 2 m3/hour production capacity

Bitumen emulsion equipment designed for production both anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions with production capacity 2 m3 per hour.

The unit is designed for operation at asphalt concrete production facilities. It can be operated either outdoors under canopy or indoors.

The unit is equipped with temperature and pressure sensors.
Water temperature is measured at the following points:

  • water supply;
  • blend supply;
  • bitumen to unit supply;
  • bitumen to mixer supply;
  • emulsion output.

USB-2 Bitumen emulsion plant 8 m3/hour production capacity

USB-2 bitumen unit is designed for production both anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions, which are used in road construction as follows:

  • base coat on old road top before application of asphalt-concrete;
  • preparation of cold asphalt concrete mixes;
  • surface treatment of road top;
  • thin film protective coats;
  • patch repair of roads etc.

FB Bitumen filter

The FB bitumen filter is engineered to eliminate solid impurities from bitumen and similar non-corrosive fluids.

It is crafted for seamless integration into procedures related to the input, storage, and extraction of conventional or modified bitumen, bitumen emulsions, and other highly viscous liquids that necessitate heating.

Equipped with two filter cartridges, this filter ensures uninterrupted operation. Additionally, it incorporates temperature and pressure sensors to ensure reliability and safety.

Impeller Stirrer USB-6

The USB-6 impeller stirrer is specifically engineered for effectively mixing liquid layers within containers or tanks, serving a variety of applications including the production of different emulsions and suspensions, such as antiseptics and disinfectants.