Laboratory equipment

Laboratory colloid mill CLM-0.25.1

The CLM-0.25.1 colloid mill is purpose-built for homogenizing and emulsifying liquid materials, especially dense slurries with high shear stresses, in laboratory settings. Its precision design ensures optimal performance, making it an essential tool for achieving uniformity and stability in various formulations.

Bitumen Emulsion Laboratory System CLM-100.1

The CLM-100.1 colloid mill is specifically engineered for homogenizing and emulsifying liquid materials, particularly thick suspensions with high shear tension, within laboratory conditions. Its primary application lies in bitumen emulsion production.

USB-3 Bitumen modification laboratory system

The USB-3 bitumen modification laboratory system is engineered for the preparation of small-scale samples (up to 10 liters per batch) of modified bitumen. Utilizing a continuous mixing process, the system disperses bitumen and polymer in the mill, facilitating effective modification. Additionally, the unit’s design permits the incorporation of other liquid components during the bitumen modification process.