September 15, 2017

New adaptable in design UMB-6 plant: provides high quality modified bitumen

Modified bitumen is widely used in road works for construction and repair of road surfaces, also in waterproofing buildings and structures, roofing and pipeline protection.

GlobeCore design department has developed a new UMB-6 plant for mixing in circle of modified bitumen (productivity 6 m3 / h). The design and dimensions of this equipment were adapted for shipping containers by road and by sea. This new plant was...

September 4, 2017

UVB-10PK Bitumen Complex Commissioned in Ghana

GlobeCore team successfully completed all works according to the contract to supply and commission a UVB-10PK bitumen complex, including operating personnel training.   

The main feature of this equipment is versatility. The UVB-10PK can accept and prepare bitumen for further use, produce, store and output all types of bitumen emulsion. This optimizes the time and labor costs of automobile road repairs and construction.

Provided a duly...

December 5, 2016

Yet another product Expansion: Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer RBE-0,2

GlobeCore is delighted to inform of yet another expansion of products.

From today representatives of road works companies can purchase RBE-0,2 bitumen sprayers. This bitumen spraying equipment is designed for covering surface with bitumen emulsion by spraying it during asphalt repairs and maintenance of sections of small road and other objects of road facilities. In particular RBE 0,2 is indispensable at construction and repairs of parking zones,...

June 14, 2016

Experts of GlobeCore Upgrad Plant UMBP-22

GlobeCore anticipates the needs and preferences of its customers – by producing new equipment and upgrading the existing ones. The latest achievement is– an upgrade of bitumen modification plant UMBP-22.

Despite the cost of modified bitumen being more expensive than the cost of usual bitumen its use is practical for the following reasons:

temperature resistance of road surface; resistance to cracking of road surface; reduce surface loads; considerable life extension of road surface. Operating of UVB-2...

April 30, 2016

UVB-1 Unit Commissioned As a Part of Bitumen Emulsion Plant in Zimbabwe

In the end of April 2016 a bitumen emulsion production commissioning ceremony was held in Zimbabwe.

This event was so important that the minister of transport and infrastructure, Mr. Yorama Gumbo, attended it personally. The base of the new production line is a UVB-1 unit produced by GlobeCore. The plant will produce up to 10 tons of bitumen emulsion per hour. The total estimated project cost is...

March 8, 2016

A Business Trip to Ghana

In the first quarter of 2016 Globecore specialists visited Ghana.

The objective of the visit was to inspect the current condition of a UVB-1 unit, which has been in operation since 2012, and to share experience to incorporate customer feedback in the company’s operations.

The total length of automobile roads in Ghana is 39.41 thousand kilometers, while the length of hardtop roads is only 11.67...

February 13, 2016

New GlobeCore service center starts operation in Houston

Dear collegues, partners and friends! We are happy to inform you that from now on, GlobeCore services has become even more accessible and fast.

A new service center in the United States has been opened in Houston, Texas, at 1750-H Dickinson Ave (FM 1266) Dickinson, TX, 77539. The phone numbers of the center are +1-713-429-1616 and +1-713-828-7877.

Addresses and contact information of the other service centers...

December 30, 2015

GlobeCore Product Presentations Held in Bulgaria

Presentations of GlobeCore bitumen emulsion equipment were held in several Bulgarian cities from 18 to 24 October 2015.

Representatives of GlobeCore visited Varna, Plovdiv, Ruse and Blagoevgrad, and other Bulgarian cities. This is not GlobeCore’s first experience in working with Bulgarian colleagues.  Approximately seven years ago, a 10 cubic meter per hour UVB-2 unit was commissioned in Varna.  This unit is still being operated successfully to this day.

The demand for bitumen...

December 13, 2015

Modified Bitumen Storage SBM-30 has been Upgraded

2015 Globecore engineering department completed upgrading  and improving modified bitumen storage tank SBM-30.

The result of this meticulous work is a production of the first two units of upgraded equipment in December 2015.

The updated model of storage tank SBM-30 has following features:

hollow part of the bottom now has a 200 mm heat insulation; overall length is now l 650 mm less; tank operational capacity increased from 27 to 30 m3; new roof shape prevents...

July 1, 2015

A New GlobeCore UVB-1 Unit Has Been Successfully Started up in Azerbaijan

On 7 February 2015, GlobeCore‘s employees finished the start up the UVB-1 unit (capacity 2 m³/hour) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Units designed for production of bitumen emulsion are in demand due to their competitive price and high quality characteristics of the final bitumen emusion product they produce.  It is worth noting the following benefits of  bitumen emulsions:

no warm up necessary;  Application of bitumen emulsion allows the workers to save energy and reduce...

May 26, 2015

The Works Concerning Production and Supply of Equipment For the Mining Industry have been Finished

At the end of 2014, GlobeCore fulfilled an order to produce a diesel-driven pumping station designed to remove water from open cast mines.

The design of such equipment has been developed very thoroughly to eliminate the risk of work-related injuries.  Additionally, the fact that pumps have to work under very rigid conditions must be also taken into consideration.  The technical engineering department of GlоbeCоre has provided for all such contingencies.

The Diesel...

May 7, 2015

The Presentation of GlоbeCоre Equipment in Serbia and Macedonia

In December of 2014, a sales and marketing representative of GlоbeCоre, Antonina Sokhan, visited a number of towns in Serbia and Macedonia. 

She was invited by the representatives of these countries who desired to find out more about the equipment for bitumen emulsions and modified bitumen production designed and produced by GlоbeCоre.

A great variety of issues such as the operational characteristics of GlоbeCоre equipment and its integration into the existing systems...

November 26, 2014

BITUMEN EMULSIN SPRAYER Equipment bitumen sprayer equipment


Dear friends! I would like to share some good news with you!
Our engineers have just developed and constructed a new mobile bitumen sprayer for road construction. This sprayer has been successfully tested and put into production!

bitumen sprayer equipment


This sprayer unit is designed to diffuse hot bitumen emulsion for road construction work. The process of bitumen emulsion spraying is achieved...

November 25, 2014


Dear friends! I would like to share some good news with you!
Our engineers have just developed and constructed a new mobile bitumen sprayer for road construction. This sprayer has been successfully tested and put into production!


This sprayer unit is designed to diffuse hot bitumen emulsion for road construction work. The process of bitumen emulsion spraying is achieved by means of hydraulic...

October 21, 2014

The First in Tanzania Bitumen Emulsion Production Plant was Successfully Started Up

On October 4, 2014, there was a ceremonial opening of the first in Tanzania bitumen emulsion plant, fully equipped with GlobeCore equipment.

The gravity of the occasion was evidenced by the fact that the vice-president of the rural and urban road construction industry of the United Republic of Tanzania – Hassan Matimbe – was present at this ceremonial opening.  He together with the representatives of the company Gratian Nshekanabo (managing director)...

September 5, 2014

United Arab Emirates: GlobeCore moves to the new office

Dear customers! We are glad to inform you about the moving of our office in the United Arab Emirates.

Henceforth we are available at:

Globecore FZE

Al Jazeera Al Hamra, P.O. Box 31291,

RAKIA Business Centre 5, Building No. A4, Office No. 205

Ras Al Khaimah United Arab Emirates.

We look forward to seeing you!

Globecore FZE

Al Jazeera Al Hamra, P.O. Box 31291,

RAKIA Business Centre 5, Building No. A4, Office No. 205,

Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab...

July 21, 2014

The plant for the preparation of the water phase has been started up in Thailand

In the end of June 2014 GlobeCore completed all planned commissioning operations and personnel training in Thailand.

A 20 cubic meter per hour UVB water phase preparation unit for bitumen emulsions was supplied to  this country.

Bitumen equipment made by our company is optimized for the required production capacity. The bitumen emulsion can be used for production of emulsion almost all year long, as long as the temperature is above +5...

June 13, 2014

The ptoject for delivery UMBP-22P was implemented in Vietnam

In end end of April, GlobeCore has complete a project involving supply of UMBP-22P to Vietnam. The unit was commissioned by GlobeCore’s staff.

The UMBP-22P is designed for modification of bitumen by polymer. One of the possible modification products is bitumen-polymer binding, which is widely used in preparation of asphalt road top, surface treatment of cement and concrete surfaces, membrane sealants etx. Besides, the GlobeCore’s plant allows to produce bitumen-elastomer sealants...

Advantages of bitumen emulsion use

Laboratory bitumen equipment

Laboratory bitumen equipment

Equipment for the production of bitumen emulsion has been used for decades in the world. Road bitumen emulsion is a homogeneous low viscosity liquid of dark brown color, which is obtained by pulverizing the bitumen in an aqueous solution of a surfactant (emulsifier). Thanks to the experience gained one can clearly understand that the use of bitumen emulsion is in most cases much more bitumen efficient.

The main advantages of bitumen emulsions are:

  • Economy
  • Ability to choose the formulation or composition of bitumen emulsion to mineral material of different mineral composition and the technology is being used
  • Slow the aging process in the operation of bitumen
  • Changing the physical and mechanical properties of bitumen by modifying their latexes polymerase-ramie, adhesive additives and plasticizers in the process of emulsification
  • High adhesion to mineral materials of the major acidic rocks
  • Environmentally friendly

Main road technology using cationic bitumen emulsions:

Surface treatment of the road pavement: recovery of high-traction between the wheel of a vehicle and the road surface, the restoration of water resistance of pavement during the period of its operation, preventive tributes wear layer coating during operation.

  • Gravel-emulsion mixture
  • Stored emulsion-mineral mixture for patching
  • Protective layers type slurry phase forces, micro coating, micro asphalt
  • Weatherproof storable asphalt mixture
  • Cold recycled asphalt concrete mixture (recycling)
  • Stabilization of a gravel surface
  • Emulsion-mineral mixtures accelerated formation

Should you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.

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