Termoregistry Oil for Heating Bitumen

Bitumen consists of specific substances requiring special storage and transportation conditions.  In order to maintain the bitumen in good condition so that it conforms to established standards, it is necessary to carry out continuous heating of the material in specially equipped containers. Bitumen and its binder and must remain soft without stiffening and decaying that may occur during storage of bitumen emulsion.

Bitumen storage tanks usually come in two different types: horizontal and vertical.  Today the most popular tanks in use are vertical tanks.   They are easier to use, more economical and take up less space.  Enterprises engaged in the production of water-bitumen emulsions prefer to have their own storage tanks for bitumen.  This allows for regular construction and repair work and helps to avoid supply disruptions and market price fluctuations.

The “Heating System” in vertical vessels may be realized in several different ways.  Typical heaters currently in use consist of steam, gas, oil and low temperature electric systems.  There is however, a new system that is becoming more and more popular around the world.  It consists of a system of heating bitumen using thermal oil flowing through coils that are integrated into the tank.

A similar process occurs with mineral oils with a high flashpoint and is best suited for the heating of the bitumen. Feature oil heaters – smooth heating and maintain the desired temperature of the material, without overheating it.

GlobeCore produces high quality oil heaters to heat the bitumen. Such devices are used in various types of installations for storage and transporting bitumen and water-bitumen emulsions. The The GlobeCore units come equipped with a special automated system that allows the operator to control the temperature and condition of the bitumen in the reservoir.