March 30, 2017

Improving Bitumen Properties with Additives

Bitumen properties. Petroleum bitumen is widely used in construction. It is due to the versatility of this binding material. And it is successfully used in road works, roofing, waterproofing, sealing, for protection of pipelines, canals etc.

But when used in cold weather conditionsб bitumen becomes brittle, which leads to the rapid failure of bitumen coating. This leads to excess expenditure of bituminous materials. Also, bitumen aging is...

February 13, 2017

Bitumen Roofing Materials

Bitumen Roofing. Bitumen has been used roofing for many years. Bitumen-impregnated cardboard is the most popular due to its relatively low cost and versatility: this material can be used not only for roofing, but also for waterproofing.

Rolled bituminous materials absorb water quite well and cannot guarantee completely watertight seals. So roofs are made of 3-4 layers of bituminous material.

If the seals are not watertight,...

February 13, 2017

Modification of Bitumen as a Method to Improve Performance

Modification of Bitumen. The performance of bitumen in road construction can be improved in two ways. First, to improve the production process. Second, to mix bitumen with special additives. At the production stage, tar oxidation is often improved. IT is difficult to do without the process, but it alone is not sufficient. Improving tar oxidation cannot achieve the results required of the modern bitumen materials.

Bitumen application...

February 13, 2017

Production of Modified Bitumen

Production of Modified Bitumen. Traffic intensity has grown significantly in recent decades. Each year, the number of motor vehicles grows along with the load on the road top. This results in deformation of the road surface, which require increased number of unscheduled repairs.

The situation can be addressed by improving thermal stability, brittleness and aging parameters of the road top. The solution is to add special materials...

Polymer modifiers for bitumen: caoutchouc

Various polymers can be used for bitumen modification, including caoutchouc. The key property of caoutchouc is stretching 2-10 times with application of a stretching force and return to initial state afterwards.

This is due to the structure of caoutchouc. Macromolecules of this substance are coiled, therefore, interaction between them is much weaker than intermolecular bonds. Also, macromolecules are only connected in certain locations.

Due to the...

SBS Based Polymer Modified Bitumen Production Process

Modified bitumen is produced in asphalt-concrete plants by special units.

To produce polymer-bitumen binders of proper quality the following materials are used: viscous road bitumens and block copolymers of SBS type, surfactants and plasticizers (if required).

When choosing equipment and production capacity, technical and economic parameters of production, as well as the required production volume must be considered.

There are currently two approaches to the...

Polymer Bitumen Roofing Mastic

The modern roofing material market is quite diverse. Nevertheless bitumen-polymer mastics attract attention among other materials.

Physically, this compound is a liquid, viscous and uniform mass, which after surface application hardening becomes solid coating. Polymer bitumen roofing mastic is mostly used for construction and maintenance of roofs, as well as waterproofing.

Depending on application mode, there are hot and cold mastics. Hot mastics harden relatively fast....

Modifiers and types of roofing bitumens

Either air blown bitumen or modified bitumen can be used for production of bitumen shingles. The question is which material is better.

Modified bitumen is a mix containing various modifiers for performance improvement. In recent years there is an emerging trend: manufacturers of roofing materials prefer modified bitumens to air blown bitumens more often than not. This approach allows to make material with high cold resistance, elasticity...

Materials for soft roofing

Until recently rolled roofing materials were the most popular. They attracted customers by their relatively low cost. Besides, this roofing material did not have many alternatives. The situation has changed with the appearance of heat hot roofing materials, liquid rubber and roofing bitumen.

Modern roofing materials have a more complicated structure, new types of base and are more elastic and cold-proof. Experts note that the so called...

Roofs based on polymer or latex solutions

Sometimes a rolled roof cannot be constructed. Originally, the alternative was proposed in 1957 in the United States. Solutions of polymers were applied layer by layer, creating a solid coat after settling.

Specifically, a solution of polychloroprene rubber and chlorosulfonated polyethylene with fillers and vulcanizing agents are applied to roof base. In both cases, when the solvent evaporates, cold vulcanization occurs: a 1 to 1.5 mm elastic...

SBS-modified roofs

Roofs have been suffering from extensive wear during the last decade. This creates problems not only for the owners of the roofs, but also for the government, which must address the problems of efficient use of resources and energy and to ensure longevity of structures.

Installation of roofs in cold climate faces some difficulties due to the following:

low air temperature; temperature differences; snow and wind loads; a large difference of...

Application of polymer-bitumen and polymer membranes

Polymer-bitumen and polymer membranes can be applied by mechanical, ballast or glue technique.

Mechanical application is performed by special fittings. When sheets of the sealing are applied, they completely isolate the base from atmospheric factors. However, high winds may tear the waterproofing layer off the roof. The maximum wind load defines the following factors:

applicability of a certain roofing material; the number of fitting elements and the distance between...

October 9, 2016

Roofing membranes

Roofing membranes is a relatively new material for roofing operations, which has been increasingly popular in the market. This is due to the combination of good customer experience and technological properties. First of all, is is the improved durability and faster application. Due to the various roll width, it is possible to perform roof waterproofing of almost any configuration and minimize the number of seams.

PVC-membranes are...

October 7, 2016

Bitumen-polymer grout materials

Bitumen-polymer grouts are represented by roof grout used both as a separate roofing material and as a component of seamless roofing system. Usually, grout is applied on a prepared surface in liquid form, and afterwards dries into damp-proof film with no joints or seams.

Bitumen-polymer grout consists of the following components:

thermoplastic polymer (polymeric petroleum resin, artificial rubber, etc.); binding agent (bitumen); filler material; solvent; various additives.

These exact components give...

October 5, 2016

Bitumen-polymer materials for roofing

According to the commonly accepted classification, there are three groups of modern roofing materials for rolled-roofing: materials based on bitumen, complex composition bitumen-polymer materials and fully polymer materials based on polymeric petroleum resin or rubber.

Bitumen-polymer materials, as the name implies, consist of bitumen and polymer components. However, the amount of the latter usually doesn’t exceed 12%.

Bitumen polymer materials in somewhat different form were used...

September 1, 2016

Modified Rolled Materials

Modified rolled materials for roofing are produced of reinforced base (Fiberglass mats, glass fabric or polyester), bitumen and polymer modifier.

While choosing the underlying material, keep in mind that fiber cloth has high tensile strength, polyester has much better specifications but is also much more expensive. Its durability is similar to that of glass fiber, but with stretch ratio 10-25 times higher. Thus, polyester can withstand loads...

September 1, 2016

Bitumen Modifiers For Roofing Applications

To improve properties of bitumen for roofing applications, three modifiers are used most often: atactic polypropylene (APP), styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) and ethylene-propylene-butene (EPB).

Bitumen, modified with APP, does not have disadvantages characteristic to common bitumen materials: low flexibility at subzero temperatures and aging tendency. Atactic polypropylene is an elastic material with similar properties as caoutchouc. Because of the wide range of properties, this substance did not...

September 1, 2016

Modified Bitumen for Roofing and Waterproofing

Currently the primary method of modifying bitumen for roofing and waterproofing applications is the introduction of polymer additives. Such approach allows to significantly improve flexibility at subzero temperatures, improve heat endurance, aging resistance, as well as fatigue durability. In most cases. up to 30% polymer is enough for modification of bitumen.

Еhe following substances can be used as modifiers:

Atactic polypropylene (APP); styrene butadiene styrene (SBS); ethylene-propylene-butene (EPB),


September 1, 2016

Laying of Polymer Bitumen Roofing

Application of roofing made of bitumen-polymer materials is performed on a solid base at slopes not exceeding 50º. Technically, this operation can be performed either by gluing or burning heating.

For the gluing method, special mastic resins are used. Polymer bitumen materials can be laid on the surface, in spots, in stripes, etc. “Briefer” roof is characterized by the presence of air chambers between the roof cladding...

September 1, 2016

Components of bituminous roofing materials

Bituminous roofing material is more like a general concept meaning flat, membrane roofing, shingles, rolled roofing materials, etc.

Speaking about the chemical composition of modern bituminous roofing, it may include either air blown or modified bitumen. Until recently, air-blown bitumen was predominantly used. It may be explained by the relatively low cost and simplicity of production. Now the situation has changed completely: most roofing and waterproof materials...

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