GlobeCore Product Presentations Held in Bulgaria

Presentations of GlobeCore bitumen emulsion equipment were held in several Bulgarian cities from 18 to 24 October 2015.

Representatives of GlobeCore visited Varna, Plovdiv, Ruse and Blagoevgrad, and other Bulgarian cities. This is not GlobeCore’s first experience in working with Bulgarian colleagues.  Approximately seven years ago, a 10 cubic meter per hour UVB-2 unit was commissioned in Varna.  This unit is still being operated successfully to this day.

The demand for bitumen emulsion and modified bitumen has been growing in Bulgaria recently.  Owning their own equipment for the production of such materials allows the road construction organizations to gain independence from market price fluctuations.  Hence the interest of Bulgarian road construction industry in GlobeCore products.

Both management and engineering professionals of Bulgaria’s leading road construction companies attended the presentations.  When the formal presentations were concluded, GlobeCore’s Design Engineer made himself available to answer all technical questions raised by the visitors.

GlobeCore would like to thank our Bulgarian colleagues for their interest and warm welcome.  We look forward to further cooperation in the near future.