UVB-10PK Bitumen Complex Commissioned in Ghana

GlobeCore team successfully completed all works according to the contract to supply and commission a UVB-10PK bitumen complex, including operating personnel training.   

The main feature of this equipment is versatility. The UVB-10PK can accept and prepare bitumen for further use, produce, store and output all types of bitumen emulsion. This optimizes the time and labor costs of automobile road repairs and construction.

Provided a duly prepared site is available, the bitumen complex can be deployed within two weeks (including commissioning time). Only one operator is required to control operation in normal operation modes (although using hot bitumen and heat carrier makes two operators a better solution).

Other advantages of the UVB-10PK is its ability to perform several operation at the same time and automation of all operating modes. The operator simply selects the mode and starts/stops the equipment.