Modified Bitumen Storage SBM-30 has been Upgraded

2015 Globecore engineering department completed upgrading  and improving modified bitumen storage tank SBM-30.

The result of this meticulous work is a production of the first two units of upgraded equipment in December 2015.

The updated model of storage tank SBM-30 has following features:

  • hollow part of the bottom now has a 200 mm heat insulation;
  • overall length is now l 650 mm less;
  • tank operational capacity increased from 27 to 30 m3;
  • new roof shape prevents rain water accumulation;
  • inspection manhole has bigger opening;
  • unit is fixed with brackets on the roof for control cabinet transportation;
  • bitumen level in the tank is controlled by a membrane pressure sensor. Its block is mounted at the bottom of the tank;
  • control cabinet now has a design with two doors. Control panel with indication tools is installed on the inside door. The external door prevents dust and rainfall getting into controls. It has a glass window that allows monitoring sensor readings without opening a control cabinet;
  • new design also includes emergency overflow pipeline preventing hot bitumen spillage  in emergency situations;
  • A model of storage tank is optimized on minimal material consumption,  reducing total weight of equipment by 1000 kg.