How to go into modified bitumen manufacture business?

modified bitumen manufacture

Probably everybody has had the idea to start his own business at least once. However, most potential businessmen face hardship even at the first stage when they need to choose a field of future activity. It is clear that one should pay more attention to new and untapped business. In this case chances of success are much higher.

In this article we would like to discuss how to go into business of making modified bitumen and using it. This material is now  used much more often than before in construction and repairs of automobile roads. But if this area is quite developed by other businessmen, application of modified bitumen in waterproofing industry it not. In this field it is known as “liquid rubber”.

Liquid rubber is a liquid bitumen modified with polymers, emulsified in water. It is a perfect waterproof coating. Besides, this material is characterized by good adhesion to almost any surface, resistnat to temperature difference, doesn’t flow down the surfaces and doesn’t peel.

Curiously enough, even in spite of all the above advantages, liquid rubber is not applied very often. Even in big cities the situation is almost the same so a newcomer businessman has a perfect niche for his future activity.

Because of lack of awareness among potential customers, the demand for liquid rubber is not high so far, but a proper marketing campaign can easily close this gap. First, you need to find out about all the competitors in your city. It may be that some companies have already tried or are trying now to provide services related to liquid rubber application. It won’t hurt to evaluate the existing offers, this will help to build up a proper concept of struggle for the same customer in future.

Any business begins with registration of a business entity. This allows operation of a separate company providing waterproofing services.

If you understand from the very beginning that you do not possess the required skills in roofing and waterproofing operations, you need to hire experts. Those can be both common builders and people who know how spraying tools work.

Now a logical question is raised: where you can get modified bitumen? The ideal option is the UVB-2 series unit produced by GlobeCore. This equipment can produce modified bitumen based on almost all currently known polymers in the form of powder, granules, etc.

When you have more orders, you can hire more personnel as one or two workers will not be able to cope with many orders.

Speaking about advertising, we think the most effective method is the so called “word-of-mouth marketing”. Other strategies should not be neglected too. But you need to understand that bush telegraph can work both for and against the newly-minted businessman.

The marketing campaign should be based on customer education, which means the delivery of information regarding all advantages of liquid rubber as waterproofing material to the potential customer. Leave promo leaflets in construction material stores, with the agreement of their owners, of course.

Another good idea to attract new customers is your own corporate web-site. But it will be feasible only if you work in a big city. Otherwise website maintenance expenses may not be covered by orders received by from it.

Initial capital investments and payoff are estimated separately for each particular case.