The First in Tanzania Bitumen Emulsion Production Plant was Successfully Started Up

On October 4, 2014, there was a ceremonial opening of the first in Tanzania bitumen emulsion plant, fully equipped with GlobeCore equipment.

The gravity of the occasion was evidenced by the fact that the vice-president of the rural and urban road construction industry of the United Republic of Tanzania – Hassan Matimbe – was present at this ceremonial opening.  He together with the representatives of the company Gratian Nshekanabo (managing director) and Prashant Patel (general director) cut the ceremonial ribbon.

Great hopes are pinned on a new production facility in Tanzania. In particular, Gratian Nshekanabo mentioned: “We are proud that the first bitumen emulsion production plant in Tanzania was constructed according to the best world standards and on the basis of world’s experience. And it means that bitumen emulsion, produced on such equipment fully complies with all international and regional standards.  The application of ‘cold technologies’ will change completely our approaches to the road construction and maintenance.”


Mr Hassan Matimbe told that the opening ofthe bitumen-emulsion plant is a great step to industrialize Tanzania.  In addition, import of bitumen emulsion will be significantly reduced.

But this ceremonial opening was preceded by a thorough examination of  bitumen production equipment, available in the hi-tech market. Only after that, preference was given to the equipment, produced by GlobeCore.