Laying of Polymer Bitumen Roofing

Polymer Bitumen Roofing

Application of roofing made of bitumen-polymer materials is performed on a solid base at slopes not exceeding 50º. Technically, this operation can be performed either by gluing or burning heating.

For the gluing method, special mastic resins are used. Polymer bitumen materials can be laid on the surface, in spots, in stripes, etc. “Briefer” roof is characterized by the presence of air chambers between the roof cladding and base, connected with atmosphere. Such roofing is installed to remove moisture from the base which is critically important for repair operations or in cold season. To intensify the process of moisture removal, the air chambers should be made wider. For example, the first layer is laid with a coarse-grained grit downwards, or perforated materials are used.

For softening of bitumen layer, special solvents can be used. It is also possible to use materials with adhesive coating.

Heating is mostly performed using fire from gas burners. Infrared heaters can also be used without open flame. In both methods the downside of modified bitumen is melted and applied to the roof base.