Bitumen-polymer materials for roofing

materials for roofing

According to the commonly accepted classification, there are three groups of modern roofing materials for rolled-roofing: materials based on bitumen, complex composition bitumen-polymer materials and fully polymer materials based on polymeric petroleum resin or rubber.

Bitumen-polymer materials, as the name implies, consist of bitumen and polymer components. However, the amount of the latter usually doesn’t exceed 12%.

Bitumen polymer materials in somewhat different form were used since the middle of the previous century. With time, these material started to see broader use than roofing materials based on bitumen. This was facilitated by polymer compound conferring higher flexibility to roofing material. Due to this property, the material is easily applied and assumes the required shape.

To produce bitumen-polymer materials, special equipment is used. GlobeCore offers a wide range of UVB-2 series plants, designed for modification of bitumen with polymers, with capacity of 4 to 40 m3/hour.

This equipment is able to:

  • work with all currently known polymers;
  • use various forms of modifiers: powder, granules, etc.;
  • implement any process of bitumen modification;
  • add the required amount of polymer.

Application of GlobeCore technologies can raise the quality of roofing materials and ensure long life of roof coating!