Bitumen-polymer grout materials

bitumen-polymer grout materials

Bitumen-polymer grouts are represented by roof grout used both as a separate roofing material and as a component of seamless roofing system. Usually, grout is applied on a prepared surface in liquid form, and afterwards dries into damp-proof film with no joints or seams.

Bitumen-polymer grout consists of the following components:

  • thermoplastic polymer (polymeric petroleum resin, artificial rubber, etc.);
  • binding agent (bitumen);
  • filler material;
  • solvent;
  • various additives.

These exact components give the material such properties as flexibility, corrosion resistance, high strength, resistance to aggressive media, oxidation and ultraviolet ray resistance, lightness and durability.

One more advantage of bituminous grout is that it can be applied on any surface: concrete, steel or ruberoid. However, the surface of any configuration should be perfectly flat to guarantee equal thickness of grout coat.

There is a wide range of roofing materials on the market currently and the customer is faced with a reasonable question: which particular product to prefer? The choice is further complicated by the fact that most parameters, like waterproofing, cold endurance, plasticity and heat endurance are very similar. That is why we recommend looking at ageing resistance. Service life of bituminous grout can reach 20 years.