Roofing membranes

roofing membranes

Roofing membranes is a relatively new material for roofing operations, which has been increasingly popular in the market. This is due to the combination of good customer experience and technological properties. First of all, is is the improved durability and faster application. Due to the various roll width, it is possible to perform roof waterproofing of almost any configuration and minimize the number of seams.

PVC-membranes are characterized by high cold endurance; that is why roofing may be performed anytime, ensuring high quality of coating. Producers note that membrane based roofing has an appealing appearance and does not require additional maintenance during service life.

Membrane materials are recommended to be used on gently sloping roofs. Such roofs are usually lighter than roofs with steep slopes and are less expensive to construct and maintain.

The key specifications of roofing membranes are as follows:

  • thickness: 0.8-2 mm;
  • weight of 1 m2 of membrane roofing: 1.3 kg;
  • sheet size (width х length): 15 m х to 60 m;
  • cold endurance: down to -60ºС.

The main factor limiting all-out application of PVC membrane roofing is the price. Hence the need to consider the price to quality ratio when choosing the right material, on a case by case basis.