Modified Bitumen Collection Tank SBM-15

Modified bitumen is used in road and civil construction for:
  • preparation of asphalt-concrete mixtures;
  • production of asphalt mastics;
  • filling deformation joints on bridges;
  • filling cracks on asphalt concrete pavements;
  • sealing courts for collection of household and other wastes.
GlobeCore manufactures SBM-15 storage tank for companies in road construction and repair, waterproofing buildings as well as soft roofing. SBM-15 is a heat-insulated tank designed for storage of polymer modified bitumen.

Components of modified bitumen storage tank SBM-15

Modified bitumen storage tank SBM-15 consists of:
  • bladed agitator with drive;
  • heat-exchanger for keeping the required temperature of bitumen;
  • emergency overflow pipeline;
  • isolation valves for inflow and outflow (drainage) of bitumen;
  • isolation valves for inflow and outflow of heat transfer agent;
  • inspection manholes and maintenance ladders;
  • control cabinet.
Control cabinet controls such parameters as temperature and bitumen level in tank. If bitumen exceeds the set level a special sensor activates alarm.

Specifications of Modified bitumen storage tank SBM-15

Parameter Value
1 Total storage capacity, m3, min 16
2 Operational capacity, m³, min 15,5
3 Power voltage, V 380
4 AC frequency, Hz 50
5 Power consumption, kW 11
6 Agitator rotation frequency, rpm 35-40
7 Effective surface of heating unit, m². 9
8 Heating capacity, l 120
9 Heat insulation depth, мм 200
10 Dimensions for transport, mm, max:
-length 6550
-width 2400
-height 2550
11 Overall dimensions, mm, max:
-length 2850
-width 2800
-heights 6550
12 Weight, kg, max 4000
13 Weight when loaded, kg, max 20000
14 Design weight of support block, t 5
15 Temperature drop of bitumen when filling a storage tank at ambient temperature 5ºС, per day 1

Advantages of modified bitumen storage tank SBM-15:

  • reduced heat loss due to tank design with cone bottom;
  • transportation of 2 storage tanks in one 20 ton semi-trailer truck with interior space dimensions 2,45 m х 2,6 m х 13,6 m;
  • shape of roof prevents rain water accumulation;
  • overflow pipeline prevents spillage of hot bitumen in emergency situations;
  • level monitoring of tank filling with bitumen by membrane pressure sensor;
  • bitumen temperature is controlled by two shell cases with temperature sensors inside a tank;
  • sensor readings are displayed on control cabinet screen.
At customer’s request GlobeCore experts can develop and produce equipment for bitumen base facilities.