The UVB-1 productivity of 8 m3 per hour

UVB-1 bitumen unit is designed for production both anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions, which are used in road construction as follows:
  • base coat on old road top before application of asphalt-concrete;
  • preparation of cold asphalt concrete mixes;
  • surface treatment of road top;
  • thin film protective coats;
  • patch repair of roads etc.

The unit is designed for operation at asphalt concrete production facilities. It can be operated either outdoors under canopy or indoors in temperature range from +5oC to +40oC.

Bitumen emulsion Plant GlobeCore UVB-1(8)

Bitumen emulsion Plant GlobeCore UVB-1(8)




1 Max production capacity, m3/hour


2 Bitumen consumption rate (penetration 90…130), m3/hour


3 Water consumption, m3/hour


4 Flux consumption rate (bitumen penetration below 90), dm3/hour


5 Acid consumption rate, dm3/hour


6 Emulsifier consumption, dm3/hour

to 50*

7 Bitumen input pressure, MPa


8 Bitumen to mixer pressure, MPa


9 Water phase to mixer pressure, MPa


10 Bitumen input temperature, 0С


11 Water input temperature, 0С


12 Emulsion head, (m) max


13 Nominal power, kW


14 Voltage, V


15 Dimensions, mm:







16 Weight, kg


* Depends on production recipe!

 UBV-1 water-bitumen emulsion unit is semi-automatic and consists of the following components mounted on a single frame:
  • emulsion preparation assembly – 1;
  • water phase assembly – 2;
  • control cabinet – 3;
  • lug – 4;
  • cover – 5;
  • water phase input line – 6;
  • flux input line – 7.



Emulsion preparation assembly is a three-stage mixer 3 with pipelines and valves, bitumen pump 1 and rotor mill 2. DS-185 bitumen pump is driven by asynchronous three-phase motor 5 (18.5 kW, 1500 RPM) via gearbox 6. The rotor mill drive is motor 2 – asynchronous 11 kW, 3000 RPM. The assembly is mounted on frame 12 and is equipped with temperature and pressure sensors 8.

Emulsion preparation assembly

1-bitumen pump; 2-rotor mill; 3-hydrodynamic mixer; 4- flux mixer; 5-bitumen pump drive; 6-gearbox; 7- mill drive; 8-temperature and pressure measurement; 9-pneumatically controlled valve; 10-three-way bitumen valve; 11-“bitumen return”; 12-frame.

Water phase assembly

Water phase assembly equipment is fitted with pipelines with visual monitoring indicators for liquid flow 1 and adjustment valves and control devices. The drive is a three-phase short-circuit asynchronous motor at 0.75 kW.


1-flow meters; 2-flux pump; 3-blend pump; 4-water pump; 5-water and blend mixer; 6-measuring vessels for acid, emulsifier and adhesion additive; 7-water input line; 8-water return line; 9- blend tank.

Water is supplied by vertical multistage pump 4, МVІ 807. Blend is supplied by vertical multistage pump 3, МVІ 207, 1350 RPM). Flux is supplied by gear pump 2 (nominal flow rate at least 22 liters/minute). Component flow rate is monitored by flow meters 1:
  • up to 10 m 3/hour range for water;
  • up to 4  m 3/hour range for blend;
  • up to 0.5m3/hour for flux.

The unit is supplied with emulsion tank heater.

bitumen emulsion tank heater

Bitumen Tank Heater of Bitumen emulsion Plant GlobeCore UVB-1(8)

The heater is a welded flat platform. A 200 liter emulsifier barrel is placed on the platform. A heating agent circulates through pipes in the platform.

Control cabinet

control-panel (1)Starting components are installed in the control cabinet. Process parameters are managed by the Schneider zelio controller, which receives signals from the following sensors:
  • Autonics TK4S  – bitumen pressure after pump; – Autonics TC4S– bitumen pressure after pump;
  • Autonics  TC4S – bitumen temperature before pump; – Autonics TK4S – emulsion pressure before mill.

The following sensors are used for indications of the parameter measured:

  • Autonics TK4S – bitumen pressure before pump; – Autonics TC4S – blend temperature;
  • Autonics  TC4S – water temperature; – Autonics TC4S – emulsion temperature before mill.
The Schema of Bitumen Emulsion plant UVB1-8

The Schema of Bitumen Emulsion plant UVB1-8

The selected parameter is shown on LED display.

Typical equipment placement plan for bitumen emulsion production site

The Bitumen Storage GlobeCore with bitumen pump bitumohranilishe