Bitumen emulsion production equipment

Bitumen emulsion production

GlobeCore manufactures bitumen equipment for industrial production of bitumen emulsion. Compact design of bitumen emulsion plant allows easy installation and space saving. The unit can be operated by organizations, producing asphalt concrete mixtures, as well as road construction and road repair organizations.

The road construction equipment is operated in semi-automatic mode and controlled by Program. Bitumen emulsion production equipment employs colloid mills for homogenization of the emulsion. The colloid mill is built up cavitation principle as an ultrasonic mixer, which ensures particle size down to 5 micron. The emulsion product can be filled into asphalt-laying construction machines for surface treatment of the road top. The product remains stable in storage for months, free from contaminants and debris to prevent nozzle contamination, and securely protects the road construction equipment from rust.


Modified bitumen production

Bitumen modifiction equipment is especially designed to fulfill the requirements of the specialized contractors/producers wishing to produce volumes of modified bitumen for tack coat and/or pot-hole patching mainly for in-house use.

This means that the production capacity as well as the features and level of control of the road construction equipment have been chosen specificallty to provide economically feasible bitumen equipment with the right quality performance for this production application.

Our road construction equipment can also be used for production of liquid rubber for roofing; for this purpose the unit features a powerful colloid mill for liquid rubber production.

Simplified options are available, such as colloid mill for solid oil production, colloid mill for heat resistant dye production.

Laboratory testing of bitumen mix recipe Laboratory testing of bitumen mix recipes

Bitumen laboratory equipment is designed for obtaining bitumen samples in laboratory conditions. Using of lab.scale units requires using of raw materials in small quantities, consequently less waste of them.

Laboratory units are developed for lab production of bitumen emulsion, PMB and foamed bitumen.

The unit can be operated by institutes, certification organizations, asphalt concrete mixtures producer, as well as road construction and repair organizations or anybody using road construction equipment.

The laboratory scale equipment for bitumen quality control is designed for indoor operation.

These road construction systems are required for experimenting with the recipe and planning of jobs before starting the industrial scale equipment for road construction and repair.