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Yet another product Expansion: Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer RBE-0,2

GlobeCore is delighted to inform of yet another expansion of products.

From today representatives of road works companies can purchase RBE-0,2 bitumen sprayers. This bitumen spraying equipment is designed for covering surface with bitumen emulsion by spraying it during asphalt repairs and maintenance of sections of small road and other objects of road facilities. In particular RBE 0,2 is indispensable at construction and repairs of parking zones, pedestrian and cycle lanes.

Visual control of emulsion level is possible through the filling opening. Current emulsion temperature is checked prior to loading by a visual thermometer. If work requires other temperature – material shall be previously heated or cooled. Filling the sprayer with emulsion is carried out through the filling opening.

Sprayer RBE-0,2 has compact sizes allowing it to be used at small construction sites and house yard territories. Hand operated bitumen spraying equipment allows treatment of hard-to-reach places.

GlobeCore RBE models can be bought directly from warehouse. GlobeCore production facilities are located in Oldenburg, Germany. GlobeCore can produce a custom design bitumen sprayer within 45 working days. Bitumen equipment for sale

Main advantages of the new equipment – its mobility and autonomy (owing to diesel engine), that is why it can be used at repairs of yard areas.

Experts of GlobeCore Upgrad Plant UMBP-22

GlobeCore anticipates the needs and preferences of its customers – by producing new equipment and upgrading the existing ones. The latest achievement is– an upgrade of bitumen modification plant UMBP-22.

Despite the cost of modified bitumen being more expensive than the cost of usual bitumen its use is practical for the following reasons:

  • temperature resistance of road surface;
  • resistance to cracking of road surface;
  • reduce surface loads;
  • considerable life extension of road surface.

Operating of UVB-2 UMBP-22 plant

Plant is operated by a touch screen control panel. Every part of the device can be activated separately (manual mode) and with preprogrammed algorithm (automatic mode). Control panel also displays readings of temperature parameters and bitumen pressure at different stages of treatment.

Bitumen is preheated to temperature 180°С then pumped from the boiler by external pump. Temperature and pressure parameters are regulated by controls. The flow of bitumen is divided into three parts. First part of bitumen is supplied by a dosing pump to a mixer where it mixes with polymer; second part goes to second mill for more dispersion and homogenization; and the third part is discharged back to collection tank.

Polymer is supplied onto a spiral conveyer/mixer then by horizontal conveyer it is transported into mixer of bulk and liquid materials where it mixes with liquid bitumen. Polymer supply is regulated by rotation rate of electric motor and consequently by the spiral. Dosing of polymer to the plant is set by an operator.

This blend of bitumen and polymer is pumped to a hydrodynamic mixer of the 1st stage. Plasticizer can be also added into the mixer. The mixture is then sent to a colloid mill. Mill cutters coarse grind and blend polymer granules (it is possible to control the gap) and supply the substance to second hydrodynamic mixer.

The second progressive stage consists of the same set of components. High-pressure pump of the second stage takes second part of bitumen from from a boiler and injects it under pressure into the mixer. In the mixer the concentrated polymer bitumen mixture after the first stage and the second part of pure bitumen are mixed. Then it is supplied to the colloid mill of the second stage, for the final grinding of polymer.

After the second stage the modified bitumen is supplied for maturing (storage) to collection tank.

After completion of process the plant initiates algorithm for flushing with fresh bitumen to avoid hardening of left over components.

Specifications of plant UMBP-22 (upgraded)

Parameter Value
1. Capacity, ton/hour, minimum 16 (max 20)
2. Amount of polymer per 1m³ bitumen, kg 10…60
3. Amount of plasticizer per 1 m³ 10…100
4. Amount of adhesive additive per 1 m³ bitumen, litters (max) 10
5. Mode of operation
6. Nominal power, kW
-mill 2х55=110
-1st bitumen pumps 5,5+18,5=24
-2nd bitumen pump 18,5
– polymer mixer 11
-plasticizer supply pump 4
-adhesive additive supply pump 0,37
-screw conveyor drive 3
-spiral conveyer drive 0,25
-screw mixer drive 3
-total 175
7. Electric current parameters
– voltage, V 380
– AC frequency, Hz 50
8. Dimensions, mm max
– length 5700
– height 2420
– width 2140
8. Weight, kg, max 7500

UVB-2 UMBP-22 Plant assembly components

The unit is supplied mounted on a frame complete with spiral conveyor for polymer supply and quantity calibration and horizontal belt conveyor. Also it includes a loading platform.

UVB-2 Upgrading

Plant is now equipped with temperature and pressure control units of input bitumen, regulating these parameters both before and during process.

Inlet is also equipped with bitumen dosing pump adjusting bitumen amount and frequency with polymer supply in mixer.

Also UMBP-22 was upgraded with an additional polymer mixer. This is a rotor-type aggregate, belt driven by electric motor. Polymer is supplied from a dosing tool into a mixing chamber -a screw conveyer where it is wetted by bitumen from dosing pump and discharged from mixer to pump for further dispersion in the first stage.

There is a new HTF (heat transfer fluid) circulation pump. It preheats a plant before starting work – preparation for work (warming) takes much less time.

Unit has standard transportation size. Equipment inside is laid out to give access to all controlling devices As a result the operating safety of UMBP-22 has been improved.

Container case has shutters at all sides – this gives not only convenient access to plant aggregates but also ensures additional air circulations preventing pumps and engines overheating.

ORDER THIS EQUIPMENT OR SEEK ADVICE REGARDING its acquisitioN – contact us by one of our contacts.

UVB-1 Unit Commissioned As a Part of Bitumen Emulsion Plant in Zimbabwe

In the end of April 2016 a bitumen emulsion production commissioning ceremony was held in Zimbabwe.

This event was so important that the minister of transport and infrastructure, Mr. Yorama Gumbo, attended it personally. The base of the new production line is a UVB-1 unit produced by GlobeCore. The plant will produce up to 10 tons of bitumen emulsion per hour. The total estimated project cost is 500 thousand US dollars.

Application of high quality bitumen emulsion is reduces repair and maintenance expenses of asphalt-concrete pavements and solves the problem of new roads construction.

With the commissioning of this plant, Zimbabwe can now export bitumen emulsion to neighbouring countries and create 150 new jobs.

A Business Trip to Ghana

In the first quarter of 2016 Globecore specialists visited Ghana.

The objective of the visit was to inspect the current condition of a UVB-1 unit, which has been in operation since 2012, and to share experience to incorporate customer feedback in the company’s operations.

The total length of automobile roads in Ghana is 39.41 thousand kilometers, while the length of hardtop roads is only 11.67 thousand kilometers. This is not enough for the country; besides, the existing transportation routes require major repairs.

Application of bitumen emulsions makes it possible to create durable road surface with minimum consumption of binding material, to save fuel in production of “cold” emulsion-mineral mixes, to expand the road construction season and to reduce hazardous emissions into the atmosphere.

As a result of the inspection, GlobeCore’s experts identified that 40000 m3 of bitumen emulsion were produced using the UBV-1 plant. The equipment is in operable condition and is ready to proceed with its contribution to the progress of the road-construction industry of Ghana.

New GlobeCore service center starts operation in Houston

Dear collegues, partners and friends! We are happy to inform you that from now on, GlobeCore services has become even more accessible and fast.

A new service center in the United States has been opened in Houston, Texas, at 1750-H Dickinson Ave (FM 1266) Dickinson, TX, 77539. The phone numbers of the center are +1-713-429-1616 and +1-713-828-7877.

Addresses and contact information of the other service centers and offices are listed in the Contacts section.

GlobeCore Product Presentations Held in Bulgaria

Presentations of GlobeCore bitumen emulsion equipment were held in several Bulgarian cities from 18 to 24 October 2015.

Representatives of GlobeCore visited Varna, Plovdiv, Ruse and Blagoevgrad, and other Bulgarian cities. This is not GlobeCore’s first experience in working with Bulgarian colleagues.  Approximately seven years ago, a 10 cubic meter per hour UVB-2 unit was commissioned in Varna.  This unit is still being operated successfully to this day.

The demand for bitumen emulsion and modified bitumen has been growing in Bulgaria recently.  Owning their own equipment for the production of such materials allows the road construction organizations to gain independence from market price fluctuations.  Hence the interest of Bulgarian road construction industry in GlobeCore products.

Both management and engineering professionals of Bulgaria’s leading road construction companies attended the presentations.  When the formal presentations were concluded, GlobeCore’s Design Engineer made himself available to answer all technical questions raised by the visitors.

GlobeCore would like to thank our Bulgarian colleagues for their interest and warm welcome.  We look forward to further cooperation in the near future.

Modified Bitumen Storage SBM-30 has been Upgraded

2015 Globecore engineering department completed upgrading  and improving modified bitumen storage tank SBM-30.

The result of this meticulous work is a production of the first two units of upgraded equipment in December 2015.

The updated model of storage tank SBM-30 has following features:

  • hollow part of the bottom now has a 200 mm heat insulation;
  • overall length is now l 650 mm less;
  • tank operational capacity increased from 27 to 30 m3;
  • new roof shape prevents rain water accumulation;
  • inspection manhole has bigger opening;
  • unit is fixed with brackets on the roof for control cabinet transportation;
  • bitumen level in the tank is controlled by a membrane pressure sensor. Its block is mounted at the bottom of the tank;
  • control cabinet now has a design with two doors. Control panel with indication tools is installed on the inside door. The external door prevents dust and rainfall getting into controls. It has a glass window that allows monitoring sensor readings without opening a control cabinet;
  • new design also includes emergency overflow pipeline preventing hot bitumen spillage  in emergency situations;
  • A model of storage tank is optimized on minimal material consumption,  reducing total weight of equipment by 1000 kg.

A New GlobeCore UVB-1 Unit Has Been Successfully Started up in Azerbaijan

On 7 February 2015, GlobeCore‘s employees finished the start up the UVB-1 unit (capacity 2 m³/hour) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Units designed for production of bitumen emulsion are in demand due to their competitive price and high quality characteristics of the final bitumen emusion product they produce.  It is worth noting the following benefits of  bitumen emulsions:

  • no warm up necessary;  Application of bitumen emulsion allows the workers to save energy and reduce the time required to conduct construction projects since there is no need to warm up bitumen to 150-160°C.  Additionally, road construction projects are safe since the risk of thermal burns is greatly reduced when using GlobeCore bitumen emulsion equipment.
  • possibility to apply bitumen emulsion to the road surface with residual moisture.  In such a way, the road construction season may be significantly extended.
  • application of adhesive additives and special diluents gives the possibility to make bitumen emulsion more efficient when there are surface irregularities, pores, and cracks.

Cationic bitumen emulsions provide better  adhesion to the surface due to the electric force between positive and negative charges.

Taking everything into consideration, it should be noted that the most undeniable benefits of bitumen emulsion are increased productivity and high quality of completed road construction projects.

The GlobeCore UVB-1 units range in capacity (1,2,6, or 8 m³/h) and are designed to produce both cationic and anionic bitumen emulsions that fully comply with international quality standards of the road construction industry.

The Works Concerning Production and Supply of Equipment For the Mining Industry have been Finished

At the end of 2014, GlobeCore fulfilled an order to produce a diesel-driven pumping station designed to remove water from open cast mines.

The design of such equipment has been developed very thoroughly to eliminate the risk of work-related injuries.  Additionally, the fact that pumps have to work under very rigid conditions must be also taken into consideration.  The technical engineering department of GlоbeCоre has provided for all such contingencies.

The Diesel pump station is designed to work under conditions specific to the mining processing plant.  All important parts of the equipment such as engine, operation panel, and cooling system radiator are protected by a special cover plate and additional enclosures.  Operational safety is provided by the side panels with a protective barrier.  Lights on the equipment allow for night operation.

The Presentation of GlоbeCоre Equipment in Serbia and Macedonia

In December of 2014, a sales and marketing representative of GlоbeCоre, Antonina Sokhan, visited a number of towns in Serbia and Macedonia. 

She was invited by the representatives of these countries who desired to find out more about the equipment for bitumen emulsions and modified bitumen production designed and produced by GlоbeCоre.

A great variety of issues such as the operational characteristics of GlоbeCоre equipment and its integration into the existing systems were brought up in the course of the presentation. In particular, the representatives were interested in the peculiarities of foamed bitumen production.

All in all, the trip was a success: The road builders in Serbia and Macedonia were impressed by the production capabilities of GlоbeCоre bitumen-emulsion equipment. Additionally, our company has gained invaluable international experience.